Mirah Belle Naturals Exotic Cucumber Refreshing Soap

Mirah Belle Naturals Exotic Cucumber Refreshing Soap

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"Lose Yourself in the Refreshing Smell of Cucumber Soap

Calm your sensitive skin with the cooling properties of the Exotic Cucumber Refreshing Soap. Stay fresh throughout the summer with its wonderful natural fragrance. If you're not a fan of strong fragrances, the light and breezy smell of cucumber will be perfect. This 100% natural soap is created only using certified organic ingredients. We avoid using any synthetic or chemical products to preserve the wholesome gifts of nature. This soap will exfoliate and hydrate your skin to make it soft and smooth. Rejuvenate yourself with its anti-oxidants and soothe irritated skin. Watch your acnes and rashes disappear with its regular use.

Skin Type :  Dull & Distressed Skin"

"• Wet your face and body.

• Gently apply the soap evenly on your face and body, rinse thoroughly."