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Mirah Belle Naturals Sandalwood Turmeric Healing Soap

Mirah Belle Naturals Sandalwood Turmeric Healing Soap

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While the markets are flooded with soaps that promise to be advantageous to your skin, we know there are many that hardly make a difference, to your delicate body. Most of them contain harmful chemicals that on the contrary of what they claim to be are harsh on your skin and can cause damage too. Try our all natural Sandalwood-Turmeric Healing Soap that aids in keeping your skin cool and fresh and smell beautiful at the same time. It will also help to prevent skin itchiness, reduce inflammation, and keep any kind of skin odor at bay, thereby healing your skin. It is 100% free of chemicals and is safe to use by both children and adults.

"• Wet your face and body.

• Gently apply the soap evenly on your face and body, rinse thoroughly."