Hariom Wheatgrass Powder

Hariom Wheatgrass Powder

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It’s just been a few years that wheatgrass has made a secure place for itself in the list of most reliable medicinal plants as per Ayurveda.Wheatgrass is a gluten free product and is mainly available in liquid and powder form. Wheatgrass is used for both animals and humans. It has many benefits and can be consumed alone as well as in combination with some other dietary substance.Usually people prefer this medicinal plant in a juice form but not everyone likes the grassy flavor of it. So here’s an equally beneficial powdered form of wheatgrass which promises to be a health companion lifelong. A few benefits of adding wheatgrass powder to your daily routine:

1.    It works as a skin cleanser with its antiseptic properties
2.    Treats dandruff and premature grey hair
3.    Restores pH balance of the skin
4.    Makes your eye side sharp and clear
5.    Treats foul breath
6.    Reduces food cravings
7.    Eases menstrual cramps
8.    Facilitates better digestion
9.    Eliminates the aging signs showing up on the skin
10.    Cures Diabetes

Best time to consume wheatgrass:

It is advised to consume a glass of wheatgrass juice after you wake up. Twenty minutes after you have taken the juice you can have your breakfast. Powder can be mixed with a glass of water and consumed in a juice form.