Mirah Belle Naturals Bug Repellent Body Oil

Mirah Belle Naturals Bug Repellent Body Oil

Price : ₹425 /100 ml

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Shoo away insects with the Bug Repellent Body Oil. What can be more irritating than insects biting you or even buzzing around your face or especially ears? NOTHING, we tell you! Now it would not be possible to put a mosquito or bug repellent machine at all places, nor spray it at all times everywhere. So, what could help you? A bug repellent body oil from us! It has a combination of a number of essential oils like lemongrass, basil, lemon, rosemary and more, which collectively helps to keep insects away and that too naturally. Perfect for all skin types, this one would put all your insect woes at bay! We have made this product using absolutely natural and organic ingredients that have properties, which would readily repel insects without any added effort from your side. The chemical free ingredients help to add a protective layer on your skin, making it softer and leaves your body smelling beautiful! It is completely safe for both children and adults. Let us know more about the ingredients used in making the oil.

"• Take some oil, glide your fingers in slow firm strokes over your body.

• Start with the feet, go up the legs & then work down the shoulders and arms.