Pharma Science  for Leuco treat

Pharma Science for Leuco treat

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"Luecotreat is made of extreme rare & precious herbs. patients suffering from this disease get results within few day by taking this with following precaution.

Common symptoms of white tissue:- The only common symptom of white discharge is the abnormal white secretion from the vaginal, n there is no any specific Pain,burning or any other symptoms. In modern science it is known as Leucorrhoea."

Take leuco-treat twice a day, after 1 hour from having your lunch and dinner. For that take half cup (boiled / cooked rice water) + 1 Teaspoon pure honey make mixture of it, and then mix 1 teaspoon (approx 2-3 gm) of leuco-treat   medicine to it and then consume it.
patha, jamun,aam ki guthli, pashan bhed, mochrash, gaireek, manjistha, musta, vilb