Hassnar Brestone (Ayurvedic Firming Cream )

Hassnar Brestone (Ayurvedic Firming Cream )

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BRESTONE Breast Enlargement Cream:
BRESTONE Cream contains a proprietary blend of herbs traditionally known for their ability to balance female hormones and promote fuller and firmer uplifted breasts. BRESTONE will make your breast look more firm, lifted and attractive. This in turn will have a great effect in your overall body curvature. No matter what is the size of your breast, BRESTONE will help you get more firm and curvy appearance that will definitely make you look very attractive and appealing. BRESTONE Cream’s unique herbal formulation will help your breast look firmer and also make it regain its original shape and size by uplifting them. 

How to use: It is advisable to massage the breasts twice a day with BRESTONE Cream, once in the morning and at bedtime except during menstrual cycle. Place enough cream on each breast and gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes using clockwise circular motion. Avoid application on nipple area. One tube of BRESTONE Cream will last for a month only. Results may differ from woman to woman, but they are typically seen within 6 to 8 weeks. 

Three Month Course:  Use BRESTONE Cream along with BRESTONE Capsules for quick, effective and lasting results. Once desired results are achieved, massage with BRESTONE Cream once or twice a week will suffice for maintenance. While you should start seeing results after 6-8 weeks, allow at least 3 months for full benefits. In 3 month course 3 packs of BRESTONE Cream.

Precaution:Women with a history of cysts or tumors of breast, pregnant and nursing mothers, should not use BRESTONE Cream.