Woods and Petals Organic Henna Powder

Woods and Petals Organic Henna Powder

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FOR HAIR - Is a natural hair conditioner. Protects the hair strands by building a protective layer and locking the nutrients and moisture. Prevents DANDRUFF & SCALP ITCHING.

Safest hair color , that has no ammonia , chemicals or toxins. Controls hair frizziness and smoothens tangles.

FOR HAND AND FEET - Ideal for making decorative patterns on hand and feet . It gives a beautiful dark red color to design tattoos.

Ethically harvested. Naturally dried so as to retain nutritional potency, color and aroma . In buying this product you help sustain the marginalized farmer as this product is sourced from small farmers . Triple sifted for extra fine henna perfect for delicate designs. It has a creamy and smooth pastey consistency which gives an extremely dark henna stain.

FOR HAIR - Soak about 4 tablespoon henna powder in water. Make a smooth paste . Apply on hair strands like a hair pack and leave for 30 mins. For darker hair tone mix amla powder in equal proportion and apply. Wash off with luke warm water. For best results , apply coconut oil on your hair before applying henna.

FOR HANDS & FEET - Make the paste with water. Consistency should be smooth enough to make patterns on your body parts.