Mirah Belle Aphrodisiac Salve

Mirah Belle Aphrodisiac Salve

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Add a new flavour to your love life with the Jasmine - Neroli Aphrodisiac Salve

To spice up your love life, and to add some romance in it, calm yourself down and feel relaxed with the Jasmine-Neroli Aphrodisiac Salve that has aphrodisiac properties, and has soothing properties to relax your nerves.

Your spouse will get aroused when you apply the salve on her/his body and will surely turn her/him on and you will have a killer night, trust us!

Not feeling aroused enough or suffering from low libido problems? Just dab the salve on your body, and make your partner happy by giving her/him a night to remember!

Suitable for all skin types, the salve contains natural ingredients that have aphrodisiac properties that can turn on a person sexually.

Our company makes 100% natural products using organic ingredients that have an array of health and skincare benefits, and are completely chemical free.

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       Healing benefits : Invigorates the senses

• Wash your hands properly and rinse it with a towel.
• Take a small quantity of Jasmine - Neroli Aphrodisiac Salve in your hands and apply on your skin.
" Jasmine oil, Neroli oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Grapefruit seed extract."