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Nutty Yogi Minty Peppery Zesty Makhana

Nutty Yogi Minty Peppery Zesty Makhana

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The snack with many synonyms; foxnut, lotus seed or Makhana as it is a popular Indian munchy. Dubbed as the original Pop Corn of India, Indians were snacking on this superfood for centuries. Unlike its nutritionally challenged cousin Pop Corn, Makhana is a reservoir of the good stuff that builds immunity and even makes for an unlikely aphrodisiac. A reservoir of magnesium, pottasium, phosphorus and Iron, it's light of sodium and has almost no fat. Have them as you will - snacking was never so nutritious. Ever!

If there's one flavour of India that excites us, mint & pepper rules the roost. Enjoy these crunchy roasted Makhana/Fox Nuts mixed with chef crafted Mint & Pepper flavour which makes them irresistible. Keep these Nutty Yogi Minty Peppery Zesty Makhana by your side and enjoy healthy snacking anytime without worrying about adding the weight. Junk the Junk and embrace health the tasty way.

Health Quotient 

  • High Fiber
  • Low Calories
  • Rich in Antioxidants

Best before 4 months from packaging.

Store in airtight container.

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