Truu Organic Ginger Powder

Truu Organic Ginger Powder

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Organic Ginger Root Powder

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is known as 'the universal medicine' for its broad range of health promoting benefits. One of the three pungent herbs in the traditional formula Trikatu (Kapha Digest), ginger warms the body and reduces kapha and vata. It supports healthy circulation, vasodilation and promotes sweating. A heating spice, ginger enkindles the digestive fire, burns ama (natural toxins) and supports post meal abdominal comfort. Ginger promotes healthy expectoration and removes excess kapha from the lungs.

Benefits of truu  Organic Ginger Root  Powder

• Promotes digestion and the elimination of natural toxins*

• Supports proper function of the lungs and healthy, comfortable breathing*

• Supports a comfortable post meal experience*

• Promotes comfortable menstruation*

• Supports healthy joints*

• Supports stomach comfort during motion intensive travel*

Ingredients of Organic Ginger Root Powder

• 100% Pure Organic Ginger Root Powder

• Add 1 tsp of  Organic  Ginger Root  Powder to hot water.

• You can take this mixture once or twice daily

• Safe for long-term use

Organic Ginger Root Powder