Truu Organic Tulsi Powder

Truu Organic Tulsi Powder

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Organic Tulsi Leaves Powder

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is one of the most sacred plants in India and is often kept in courtyards and houses for its purifying and beneficial influence on its surroundings. It removes excess kapha from the lungs and upper respiratory tract promoting clear, comfortable breathing. Tulsi promotes healthy circulation and supports proper function of the heart. It strengthens digestion and supports proper weight managemen

Benefits of truu Organic Tulsi Leaves Powder

• Removes excess kapha from the lungs and upper respiratory tract*

• Promotes clear, comfortable breathing*

• Promotes healthy weight management*

• Supports healthy circulation and a normal body temperature*

• Heightens awareness and promotes mental clarity*

 Ingredients of Organic Tulsi Leaves Powder

• 100% Pure Organic Tulsi Leaves Powder

How to take?

• 1 level teaspoonful mixed with 1 cup ( 250ml) water

• Can also be simmered in hot water and sipped as a hot drink.

• as directed by your health care practitioner

Tulsi Leaves Powder