Truu Tulsi Leaves Whole

Truu Tulsi Leaves Whole

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Tulsi Leaves Whole:

Common Name : Holy basil , Ajaka , Baranda , Brinda , kha phrao , manjari , monk's basil , parnasa , patra-puspha , sacred basil , suvasa , Thai basil , thulasi , tulasi , tulsi

Description : Tulsi is a heavy branched having hair all over. It attains the height of about 75 – 90 cm. It has round oval shaped leaves which are up to 5 cm long. The leaves are 2- 4 cm in len  gth. Its seeds are flat. Its flowers are purple – creamish in colour. The Tulsi with the green leaves is called the Shri Tulsi and one with the reddish leaves is called the Krishna Tulsi. Its seeds are yellow to reddish in colour. Leaves of Tulsi contains very essential oil.

Habitat: Tulsi plant can be found all overIndiaranging from the foot hills of theHimalayasin the north to the tropics in the south till Kanya Kumari. The plant generally grows in moist soil. It reaches a height of about 1½ feet. Tulsi belongs to the family of Lamiceae or the mint plants category.

Geographical Region: It is indigenous to the lower hills of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and is cultivated throughout India. It is also cultivated in Southern France, Egypt, Belgium, Hungary, and other Mediterranean countries and also in USA.

Uses And Benefits:

• Fever

• Kidney stones

• Heart diseases

• Asthma

• Children diseases like cough, common cold, fever, vomit etc.

• Stress

• Mouth ulcer and infection

• Bites of insect

• Skin diseases

• Pie ales

• Eye diseases

• Teeth diseases

• Headache

Tulsi Leaves