NutroActive LIPOLYZER Herbal Slimming Tea

NutroActive LIPOLYZER Herbal Slimming Tea

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Lipolyzer Herbal Slimming Tea Lose Weight Naturally India

  • Sweet and tasty herbal slimming tea for weight loss, it contains natural herbs like green tea, licorice, stevia, ginger, rose leaves, caltrops, cardamom. Which help in weight loss when followed with weight loss diet plan. The 30 days weight loss diet plan is provided with the each pack, follow the suggested diet plan for maximum benefit
  • Excess water accumulation in body is one of the main reasons for weight gain lipolyzer herbal slimming tea contains natural diuretic ingredients which help your body to excrete excess water through urination. It is one of the weight loss product or slimming product which helps you lose weight naturally
  • Liver is the main site of metabolism weak liver may cause your metabolism to slow down, natural ingredient like licorice in lipolyzer herbal slimming tea help in improving power of liver and enhancing metabolism

Lipolyzer Herbal Slimming Tea is a sweet and tasty blend of powerful herbs which helps in weight loss and inch loss. You must follow the diet plan provided with the pack for maximum benefit; you may contact NutroActive nutritionist during office hours for any queries. There are two main mechanisms through which Lipolyzer Herbal Slimming Tea helps in weight loss; first - it helps in reducing water retention in the tissues and second - it may improve the metabolic power of liver to burn more fat. Apart from weight loss Lipolyzer herbal tea has several other benefits. It contains antioxidant which helps protecting our body from harmful toxins, it is anti-inflammatory hence may reduce joint and muscle pain. It's easy to prepare Lipolyzer herbal slimming tea; you may use both water as well as milk.

  • It is easy to prepare tea just boil 1 tsp. Lipolyzer herbal slimming tea with water or you may also add milk as per taste
it contains natural herbs like Green Tea, Licorice, Stevia, Ginger, Rose Leaves, Caltrops, Cardamom etc. which help in weight loss when followed with weight loss diet plan.