NutroActive Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil - 225 Ml (Pack Of 3)

NutroActive Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil - 225 Ml (Pack Of 3)

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There are two types of fat in our body-Brown fat and Yellow fat. Brown fat gives firm, toned, bright and youthful appearance to our cheeks, belly, butts and arms whereas yellow fat gives fluffy, mushy, soft, old and orange peeled like dimpled appearance to our skin. Yellow fat makes our cheeks drop, loose arms, sagging breast and cellulite on hips and thighs. When we are young, we have more of brown fat but because of nutritional and metabolic imbalance we start putting on weight and yellow fat starts accumulating in our fat cells. When fat cells expand to accumulate more fat, tiny blood vessels between the fat cells gets squeezed as a result of which blood circulation in that area reduces. Hence fat loss from that area becomes very difficult. While you follow diet to lose weight, fat loss process in your body starts. The fat cells where blood circulation is more, burns easily but the areas where blood circulation is not appropriate, fat does not burn. Due to this unequal blood circulation in the body, fat cells from some areas burns but some areas remains same. This gives an imbalanced figure even after reducing weight. Lipolyzer fat burning oil contains natural aromatic and slimming oils which helps in improving the blood circulation in the applied area so that desired body shape can be achieved along with effective weight loss. Regular massage with Lipolyzer fat burning oil or weight loss oil on the target area helps in improving the blood circulation and giving younger, brighter and toned skin. This is one of the best essential oils for weight loss which is 100% Natural (No Paraben, No Silicon, No sulphate, No Chemicals and Preservatives). Lipolyzer fat burning oil can be used as regular massage oil or weight loss oil as compare to fat burning gels. When applied, Fat burning gels may cause a tingling sensation which is not the case with slimming oils or weight loss oils.

Massage with Lipolyzer Oil twice on target area for 15-20 minutes twice daily for best results. Go for a brisk walk after massage or apply a hot towel after massage. Follow a Low Carb Diet along with regular massage with Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil to get maximum benefit.

Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil contains all natural ingredients and herbs. Active Ingredients of Lipolyzer Fat Burning Oil like Clove Oil, Cinnamon Cassia and Piper Nigrum Oil acts as Vasodilator and helps in increasing Blood Circulation on applied area. Increased Blood Circulation increases body’s metabolism which helps in mobilization of stored fat and Lipolysis.