NutroActive Lipolyzer Hips And Thighs Tablets

NutroActive Lipolyzer Hips And Thighs Tablets

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Estrogen Dominance is a condition where a woman has excess estrogen and low progesterone. Progesterone Hormone helps in counter balancing the effect of estrogen hormone. Even a woman with low estrogen levels can have #estrogendominance if she has very low progesterone. This was first time recognized by Dr. John Lee. Estrogen that hormone imbalance may lead to weight gain especially on hips and thighs. You might have observed that fat deposition on hips and thigh is common in women but rarely in men because estrogen is prominent in females. Symptoms associated with estrogen imbalances are excess fat deposited on hips and thighs, menstrual irregularities, PCOS, infertility, miscarriage, unsuccessful IVF, heavy menses, decreased libido, mood swings, increased triglycerides, forgetfulness, painful and heavy breast. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet contains natural herbs and nutrients which help in weight loss and inch loss for females having estrogen hormone imbalance. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs also contains Garcenia Cambogia whose main role is to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates in the body thereby helps in losing weight. Lipolyzer Hips & Thighs Tablet acts as an effective #fatburner without any side effects because it contains all natural ingredients. Disclaimer: This product is a dietary supplement, not a drug. Hence it is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.

 A 30 days Diet Plan is provided free of cost along with the product which compulsorily needs to be followed for best results You need to follow a Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan along with Lipolyzer Tummy Tablet wherein you need to avoid mainly grains & sugar. While following the Diet Plan there is no restriction on calories, only carbohydrates needs to be restricted.

Hips & Thighs Tablet contains several natural ingredients like DIM, Red Clove, Zinc which helps in reducing estrogen dominance and helps in Weight Loss from target area from Hips & Thighs.