Harrit Calright Medicine

Harrit Calright Medicine

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Harrit's Calright tab. aids in gaining higher bone density. It provides calcium in the absorbable

form. It provides to maintain flexibility of musculo-skeletal system, strength and endurance of body.

Calright also suppresses release of toxins which damage bones. It is an excellent solution to curb

bone disorders like osteoporosis and other inflammatory disorders.

• Calright contains ayurvedic herbs which helps to increase calcium level in the blood as well

as gives strength to bones and elasticity to muscles thereby aiding in cases of joint pain,

inflammation and relieving body tissues with oxidative stress.

• Calright is a proper measure to meet the daily calcium requirement, however, do seek

professional advice before using them. Watch your intake, plan your diet, stay healthy.

• It is advisable to take Calright tablet with warm cow milk as it increases absorption of

calcium ions efficaciously.

Dosage: One tab. twice a day after meal, preferably with cow milk or as directed by the physician.

Things which you can do to avoid calcium deficiency:

• Eat dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, sprouts, beans etc. daily

• If possible, soak raw nuts and dry beans overnight to increase calcium availability

• Shake the container of your non-dairy milk well to bring the calcium into suspension

• Limit salt, caffeine and alcohol intake and abstain from smoking.

• Exercise daily early morning.

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