Harrit Health Care Dasharjun Tablet

Harrit Health Care Dasharjun Tablet

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Short description:

Harrit's Dasharjun is an innovative approach to support healthy blood flow. The unique combination

of Dashmool, Arjuna and other traditional herbs make Dasharjun an effective cardiotonic, aids to

alleviate increased cholesterol levels thereby eliminating any plaques (blockages). Gives strength

and vascularity to blood vessels.


• Dasharjun is a cardiac tonic aids to strengthen heart muscles.

• Antioxidants present in herbs help strengthen veins and prevent heart disease.

• Arjuna, Bala mool, Ashwagandha maintains normal blood circulatory flow.

• It contains extracts of dashmool (10 roots having cardiotonic action) and other herbs which help to maintain normal cholesterol levels.

• It helps prevent blood platelets from sticking and helps in normal blood clotting.

Dosage: One tab. twice a day after meal, preferably with cow milk or as directed by the physician.

Things to do for healthy blood flow:

• Give up smoking

• Exercise daily

• Avoid excessive salt and sugar in the diet.

• Avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol

• Try some relaxing activity daily to reduce stress like meditation.

Dashamool Ghan, Arjunsal Ghan, Ashwagandha Churna, Gokshuru Churna, Methi Churna, Amlaki Churna, Bala Churna