Vadira Papaya Moisturizer

Vadira Papaya Moisturizer

Price : ₹290 /100 ml

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Vadira De-Pigmentation Papaya moisturizer, a non-greasy all-purpose moisturizing lotion made from papaya and other valuable extract which protects the skin from external irritants leaving it soft, smooth and supple.

papaya and green tea extract nourish the layers of the skin & lighten the dark spots, blemishes & scars

Having ingredient such as Green Tea, Seb, Papita, Draksha, Gajar, resulting in visibly soft, fresh, & luminous skin and helps in Dark spots.

  • Enriched with natural vitamins
  • Healing and protecting facial and body skin
  • Radiant and revitalized skin everyday

Apply regularly for better results.

ones daily