Harrit Health Care Ayurvedic hair Growth Stimulating Oil

Harrit Health Care Ayurvedic hair Growth Stimulating Oil

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Harrit’s Ayurvedic Hair Growth Stimulating Oil is composed of efficacious ayurvedic herbs whichhelps to stimulate hair growth, applied in the form of warmed oils massaged into the scalp and hair. In addition to promoting hair growth, this ayurvedic oil is employed to condition hair, prevent frizz and protect hair from the damaging effects of sunlight and over rising pollution.

It is rich in protein. In addition to its use for stimulating new hair growth, it is also employed torestore colour to black hair.

It is prized for preventing premature hair loss and to increase the thickness and volume of hair. Herbs present in this oil are believed to calm the mind and nervous system while it nourishes locks.

This oil can be used in hair treatments on fine hair that is prone to thinning and fallout. It alleviatesthe hair-shedding process.

It is rich in vitamin E and high in magnesium. It adds lustre, shine and strength, as well as to controlhair loss.

It also as herbs which possess anti-microbial activity which helps to prevent any scalp infection.