Deemark Shilajit Gold (45 capsules + 45 capsules)

Deemark Shilajit Gold (45 capsules + 45 capsules)

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"Product Discription

Deemark Shilajit Gold is blessing of Ayurveda, it increases your power, stamina and libido & help in erectile dysfunction. Deemark Shilajit Gold is formulated with exotic herb and made with ayurvedic procedure. This product is made of selected herbal extracts.

To make Deemark Shilajit Gold More effective Vang Bhasam, Swarn Vang, Swarn Sindur and Sidh Makardhwaj are specially added in it. This is an efficient rejuvenator that increases youthfulness, desire for s-x and blood circulation. It is full of anti-oxidants properties and improves immunity.

Health Benefits of Shilajit Gold

Shilajit Gold is a dense organic substance, which is highly valued in herbal medicines. Moreover, thick paste that oozes out 4m the rocks of Himalayan Mountain is known as Shilajit. And, it can be easily recognized because of its pale brown to blackish brown color."

Duration of course is 120 days.
1 Capsule in the morning preferably with milk or as prescribed by the physician.

Deemark Shilajit Gold is prescribed for improvising erectile dysfunction, strength and stamina in man. In females it acts as an aphrodisiac and increase interest in sexual activities.