Nutriorg Organic Black Seed Oil - 100 ml

Nutriorg Organic Black Seed Oil - 100 ml

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Black seeds also popularly known as the Onion seeds or Black Caraway seeds chiefly used as a condiment in certain cuisines like Asian for its strong taste and smell. It has also several uses as oil when it is extracted from the seeds. It is regarded as helpful in fighting several different kinds of disorders and infections in the body to develop strong immunity. Nutriorg brings to you premium quality certified organic black seed oil which is hygienically extracted from organically grown and cultivated black seeds. It has added advantage for your health since it is multi faceted oil and is organically grown.

Product Features:
• It is helpful in promoting heart health as it reinforces elasticity in the blood vessels preventing blood clots and also helps lower cholesterol levels.
• It can extensively treat and cure fungal infections.
• Black seeds oil is a natural remedy for allergies and sinus infections .
• It has essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants while keep the skin moisturized daily and is also effective against sun burns and aging.
• It has been effective natural remedy in improving fertility amongst women since ages.
• It is helpful in restoring and promoting good hair health which results in healthy and strong hair.
• It has anti- inflammatory properties which help fight of conditions of flu and fever.