EcoNBio Roots Heena Powder 100gms

EcoNBio Roots Heena Powder 100gms

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Heena powder a natural herb is popularly known as the herbal hair dye used in many households. ECO & BIO ROOTS brings to you range of fine grade Heena powder in a 100gms packaging which is hygienically packed without chemicals. 

It is also used for medicinal benefits which are extracted from its bark and seeds as it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti-viral effects amongst many others. It is beneficial for hair health and helps enrich the hair while lending it a shine. It also has anti- ageing properties as its application on the skin works against fine lines and wrinkles and its astringent properties have a smoothening effect on the skin. It is also an effective healer which heals wounds quickly.

Make paste of Heena powder with in ratio 1:3.apply to your hair, leave it on your hair for 1 hour. Wash your hair  till the water runs clear.

Natural Heena Powder