EcoNBio Roots Hisbiscus Powder 50gms

EcoNBio Roots Hisbiscus Powder 50gms

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The beautiful Hibiscus flower has multiple uses ranging from medicinal uses to beauty and skincare to food and drinks. ECO & BIO ROOTS brings to you this fine quality hibiscus powder in a packaging of 50gms to provide fine quality products for beauty, health and wellness industry. 

It is known to work as a miracle cure for hair loss and graying of hair when the fresh petal powder is mixed in some water and directly applied on the scalp and hair and is also an effective remedy for hair lice. When had in the form of tea it is a natural remedy against cold, fever and problem of constipation. It is also helpful in regulating the blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels. It is one of the best health drinks for women experiencing hot flushes during the period of menopause.

Make paste of Hisbiscus powder with in ratio 1:3. apply to your hair, leave it on your hair for 1 hour. Apply to your skin, leave it on your skin for 10-15 min.    Wash your hair&skin till the water runs clear.

Natural Hisbiscus Powder