EcoNBio Roots Natural Papaya Face Pack 50 gm

EcoNBio Roots Natural Papaya Face Pack 50 gm

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Papaya a healthy fruit is equally known to be healthy for the skin in helping it rejuvenate and prevent damage over a period of time. ECO & BIO ROOTS brings to you this fine quality papaya face pack with its natural extracts in a packaging of 50gms to provide fine quality products for beauty and wellness. Papaya naturally brightens the skin complexion as it has enzymes which brighten the compelxion as it dulls the blemishes and dark spots. It naturally hydrates the skin and keeps the signs of aging at bay while reducing acne and pimples. In some cases with regular use in the long run it is helpful in warding off wrinkles.

Make paste of Papaya Face Pack powder Apply to your skin, leave it on your skin for 10-15 min. Wash your skin till the water runs clear.

Natural Papaya Face Pack