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Ray Health  Cooking Spray - Sunflower

Ray Health Cooking Spray - Sunflower

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Ray Health

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Introducing, LB Ray Cooking Spray that dispenses only 0.33ml of oil every time you spray for 1/3rd of a second, giving you complete control and count of how much oil you use while cooking food.
When used as per instructions, you can use each 200ml Cooking Spray can of LB Ray Cooking Spray to cook as much food as 2.5 litres of loose oil, helping you to regulate your oil intake and reducing its consumption for a healthier and fitter you.
Packed using an innovative ZERO PROPELLANTS packaging technology, LB Ray Cooking Spray offers 100% Refined Oil without any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavors or Palm Oil.
LB Ray Cooking Spray is perfect for those looking to reduce their consumption of oil and can be used for cooking, grilling as well as baking.

INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: 1) Hold Can upright 2) Spray about 10 inches from the cooking surface

INGREDIENTS: Refined Sunflower Oil FREE from ARGEMONE OIL.