Neem Wood Soap Dish

Neem Wood Soap Dish

Price : ₹190 /50 gm

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This soap dish is made of Neem wood . Neem tree is considered to be a WONDER TREE as per Ayurveda. It is known for its pesticidal and insecticidal properties. Each part of the tree can be used for its many benefits.

With each bath you will get the benefit of neem , while your bathroom will be blessed with antibacterial benefits of this wonder herb.

Helps you waste less soap. Since it absorbs water / moisture . Keeping the soap dry.

Neem wood - High resistant and anti bacterial

Size : Length 5.5" Width 3.5" Height 1.5 "

Quantity : 1 pc soap dish

Handmade By women .
At times dab some coconut oil or olive oil, using cotton wool or kitchen towel and wipe off . This will
maintain the beauty of the wood grain.

Title: Neem Wood Soap Dish / Eco friendly / Shower Soap Holder / With Drainage Holes

Color: brown

Size / Dimension: 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"

Easy to maintain . Eco friendly product.

natural neem wood