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Globus Naturals Tea Tree Hair care combo pack- Tea Tree Hair oil 100ml ,Tea Tree Shampoo 200ml & Tea Tree Conditioner 200ml

Globus Naturals Tea Tree Hair care combo pack- Tea Tree Hair oil 100ml ,Tea Tree Shampoo 200ml & Tea Tree Conditioner 200ml

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This pack includes Tea Tree hair oil 100ml, Tea tree Shampoo 200ml & Tea Tree conditioner 200ml. This hair care regime helps reduce flakiness due to dandruff & promotes hair growth.

Tea Tree gentle, purifying and refreshing shampoo, enriched with organic Tea Tree oil & Aloevera gently cleanses the hair and scalp leaving it instantly revitalised, fresh and hydrated. It provides an invigorating effect while soothing and moisturising the scalp. Globus Tea Tree shampoo is ideal for both normal and oily hair and scalp types. Special PH balanced formula is gentle enough to use everyday. 

Tea Tree Conditioner is a unique blend of Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera that nourishes hair & controls fizz making hair shiny and lustrous. This ultra-rich repairing blend helps to soften,repair and revive strands.

Tea tree oil improves symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, a common skin condition in which scaly patches appear on the scalp.Further to this, as tea tree oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful in soothing skin irritation and wounds. This essential oil acts as a natural conditioner for the scalp and eliminates agents that cause skin to flake.

 Dry scalp and hair aren't the only causes for dandruff, it can also be the result of oily, irritated skin, poor hygiene, skin conditions like contact dermatitis, or infection by a fungus called malassezia.Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal properties, meaning it can help treat dandruff. It is also a potent cleanser, so regular use can keep your scalp clean from grime and dead skin cells, keeping hair follicles free of build-up and dandruff.

 Tea tree oil can also help control excess oil production by the sebaceous glands, keeping the scalp moisturised and free of dandruff. Dandruff is a common cause for hair loss as hair that grows on a dandruff-infected scalp suffers a great amount of cuticle and protein damage

Gently massage shampoo into wet hair & scalp. Leave for 2-3 minutes & rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if required.

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