Oakter Oakmist - Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Developed By DRDO

Oakter Oakmist - Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser Developed By DRDO

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Alfa Enterprises

Price : ₹12990 /5 litres

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1 year manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing defect provided by Riot Labz Pvt. Ltd. (Warranty Policy)


Any liquid sanitizer can be used in this dispensing machine. Please note that sanitizer is not provided with the machine


The tank in the machine has capacity of 5 litres sanitizer


Every dispensing cycle is of 5 ml, the machine can work for 1,000 hand sanitization cycles before require filling


Three step installation process:

Fix on wall
Fill sanitizer
Plug in to standard 5 Amp wall socket
Power Supply
Standard 220 V AC supply from wall socket. Voltage fluctuation and surge protection is built in

Sanitizer Refilling

The window on front panel shows the level of sanitizer remaining in the machine. Simply pour the sanitizer in top tank to refill

A compact contactless dispensing unit sprays alcohol based sanitiser when both hands are placed under it, its aerated mist based formula uses only 5-6 ml. of sanitizer ensuring optimum usage and releases full cone spray mist for 12 seconds in single operation. Contactless technology works on Ultrasonic sensor to ensure zero touch, high operational precision to completely disinfect both hands at once. A wall mountable unit is Enabled with two display LEDs to indicate on/off status and dispensing in progress. Bulk sanitizer container tank makes it hassle free and economical.