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Tantraxx Motesol Plus Soap 75 gm (Pack of 3)

Tantraxx Motesol Plus Soap 75 gm (Pack of 3)

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INGREDIENTS: Vitamin E acetate, castor oil, coconut oil, glycerin, stearic acid, orange fragrance, non aqueous base

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by unstable substances called free radicals. Helps to protect the skin from UV damage. Improves the skin texture and the moisture content in the skin. Reduces the severity of sunburns. Increases the effects of sunscreen ingredients. Castor oil has a numberof benefits for the face particularly where moisturizing and healing are concerned. People for centuries have been rubbing small drops of the oil onto the sensitive skin. Acne sufferers often report that it reduces breakouts, and dermatologists sometimes recommended it as a natural way to reduce the appearance of scars and other facial blemishes. Coconut oil helps in removal of toxins from the face. It lifts dirt and bacteria from deep within the skin as well as removing make up. Also work as anti aging. It is packed with anti-oxidants.


·         No side effects

·         Suitable for all skin types.

·         Highly effective

·         Non toxic

·         Long lasting effect

·         Longer shelf life

·         Smells good

Uses: Motesol plus is a premium fairness. Its effect is like as a magic fairness. Motesol plus soap is best for high pigmentation and skin marking granted fine results. It also treat acne and skin problems




·         These soaps are valued for their high quality & effective usage.

·         It has antioxidant with great anti-aging properties.

·         It has anti-inflamatory and antiseptic properties

·         It protects the skin from the environmental pollutants

·         It prevents premature ageing of the skin

·         It also cleanses and detoxifies the skin

·         It helps bring back balance to natural skin color and tone


 How to Apply: Rub gently on the face after a little massage wash your face with water Use twice a day for better result. You will see your face acne free face in few days.