IMC Rahat Capsule (60caps, Pack of 2)

IMC Rahat Capsule (60caps, Pack of 2)

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IMC Rahat Capsule is an special unani formulation used in patients of Arthritis and joint pain.Arthritis is a major problem making your knee joints and other joints in body unable to move freely. It also results in severe pain and sometimes makes the patients uncomfortable; even to do their day to day life. Severe pain, swelling, limitation of joint movements and stiffness are common symptoms of arthritis.It is a very common problem among man & women in India.

Indications of IMC Rahat Capsule

- Arthritis

- Body pain

- Neck and shoulder pain

- Backache

- Stiffness

- Muscular spasm

- Swelling and inflammation

Precautions of IMC Rahat Capsule -

- keep away from reach of children.

- self medication is not recommended.

- store in cool and dry place.

- keep the cap of the bottle closed tightly.

- keep medicine in original package and container.

1-2 capsules twice a day or as advised by your unani doctor.

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