AGRIROOTS Amchur Powder

AGRIROOTS Amchur Powder

Price : ₹179 /1 unit - 200 gm ₹199\ Discount: 10%

Ayurshakha Health Card Price is : ₹139.3

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-Boosts immunity

-Amchur powders detoxify your body.

-Amchur improves digestion.

-Amchur good for heart health

-Amchur powder prevention and treatment of scurvy

-Amchur Powder cures deficiencies.

-Amchur Powder vital vitamins  

-Use to make gravy, chutney, dishes and blend into your smoothies as per your requirements.

-It is used to add flavor and nutritional benefits of mangoes to the foods and drinks. It is used to add tanginess to the dishes and can be used as a substitute of lemon

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Customer reviews

By N  on   26 Feb 2021

This amchoor is excellent. Quite potent. I use amchoor in place of tamarind in my cooking and found this very good. All Catch products/masalas are quite good and priced well. Will definitely buy again.

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