Nutty Yogi Digestive Barley Drink Mix 100 gm

Nutty Yogi Digestive Barley Drink Mix 100 gm

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Digestive Barley Drink Mix is another super grandma inspired drink that has been hugely popular since centuries in India. Made with naturally roasted barley (or Jau)  as a base and spiced with the Ayurvedic digestive spices, its the ultimate Indian superfood. Its high in soluble and insoluble fibre and hence goes a long way in promoting digestive health.

The benefits are aplenty. It aids in detoxification, helps in lowering cholesterol, is a perfect summer drink to manage heat, lowers blood sugar, helps in digestion and aids in weight loss. No wonder this wonder drink has found its mention across many ancient civilisations - and not just as 'beer'.

The dry-roasting process is the key that keeps the nutrients intact here. We add unique spices mix to add to the flavour.

Most popular way to consume is to add a tbspoon in glass of water. One part mix to 8 parts water. Best to consume chilled. For further taste, add few drops of lemon or jaggery.

For purists, it can be mixed in milk, shakes and smoothies and had as digestive powder


Roasted Barley Powder, Spice Mix