Liquiheal - Organic Immunity Booster

Liquiheal - Organic Immunity Booster

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Anti-inflammatory, anti oxidative and other medicinal properties - lowering blood sugar levels and treating respiratory conditions.

What is Liquiheal?

It is a traditional health syrup made using NATURAL NUTRIENTS to support the body's immunobiological functions. Studies have shown that the natural ingredients used in LIQUIHEAL are hypoglycemic (diabetic-friendly), anti-bacterial (kills harmful pathogens), anti-inflammatory (reduces inflammation), anti-oxidative (protects body cells from oxidative damage) and anti-viral (effective against viral infection).

Liquiheal - Supporting our Immunity

The foods we consume today do not have the nutrients required for maintaining robust health. Our immune system can be weakened by poor nutrition, smoking, consuming alcohol and unhealthy life-style. Aging further reduces the immune response capability. Supporting our own immunity with natural supplementation becomes necessary. LIQUIHEAL is formulated taking all the requirements into account and to provide a preventive health supplement for all age groups.

The ADVANCED FORMULA has optimal dosages with innovative processing technology to retain the best of the active ingredients to help support immunity and healing. Nutrition from multisources is the key to human health and one herb each day of the week provides the much needed support to individual organs and the systemic functions. And all the ingredients have been in use for thousands of years in preventive and healing therapies.

How is Liquiheal different than other similar supplements?

Liquiheal contains a unique combination of ingredients with effective herb-cycling to promote immunal health and support overall well being. Liquiheal dietary supplement is the first and only one-of-it's kind that is 100% efficient against any illness.

Who is likely to benefit from Liquiheal?

Liquiheal is beneficial to all humans of all regions. It increases the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promote normal physiological functioning while supporting immune response system effectively.

Can I take Liquiheal with other dietary supplements?

Yes. You can take Liquiheal with most other dietary supplements. However, this may not be true in certain individuals who are allergic to the ingredients in Liquiheal. Discontinue consumption if you notice any such indications and seek the support of your healthcare provider.

Where to buy Liquiheal internationally?

This product is currently available in India. Efforts are on to make it available in the USA shortly. International customers can contact +1 804 332 5042 for ordering Liquiheal.

How long will it take for Liquiheal to work?

One week should give immediate relief. It generally takes at least three months of Liquiheal supplementation to see improvement in your immunity and overall well being. Once you see improvement, it is important to keep taking Liquiheal for continued benefit. Be sure to stop consuming Liquiheal for 7 days after continuous consumption for every 28 days, for better results.

Can I continue to take Liquiheal during pregnancy/ breastfeeding?

Yes. You can safely continue to take Liquiheal during pregnancy. Check with your healthcare provider to learn more.

Are there any Liquiheal side effects?

No. There are no expected side effects from Liquiheal. It is safe and well-tolerated when taken at the typical recommended dose of 20 ml a day.

Can I take Liquiheal with prescription medications?

Yes. You can take Liquiheal along with most prescription medications. However, if you are considering using Liquiheal and taking a prescription medicine to control your blood sugar, please check with your healthcare provider.

Add 20 ml to a cup of hot water, mix thoroughly, add a dash of cinnamon and consume at your pace.

In the morning on empty stomach. In the evening 30 min before, or 2 hrs after any intake.

Each bottle contains organic honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, garlic, herbal adaptogen, turmeric and pepper, Guduchi or amla or shatavri or gotukola or bhumiamla or punarnava or aswagandha as indicated on the bottle.