DEEP AYURVEDA Swasani Lungs Detox Formula | Natural Remedy for Respiratory Care | Remove Smoking Tar | Pack of 2 Products

DEEP AYURVEDA Swasani Lungs Detox Formula | Natural Remedy for Respiratory Care | Remove Smoking Tar | Pack of 2 Products

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Nowadays, we are all exposed to high pollution levels, for example on a busy road or during a high pollution episode, working in an industrial area, toxic food, air pollution, lifestyle and eating habits that we follow in today’s time leads to various respiratory-related health issues. Even during this Covid-19 epidemic, we all knew that in the first or second wave, the worst effect was on our lungs and respiratory tract and till now there is no such medicine that is effective in the Coronavirus.

We launched a very effective formulation “Swasani Lungs Detox Formula” Which is beneficial in detoxifying and rejuvenating the lungs as supportive care in Covid times. And today, every person needs to detoxify the respiratory system for healthy living and from the prevention of various harmful upcoming diseases. Swasani Lungs Detox Formula can be taken by any age group to build lung functionality and protect lungs from future impacts in pandemic situations.

Swasani Lungs Detox formula is formulated with pure medicinal herbs extract and scientific evidence-based clinical studies as mentioned in Ayurveda texts that effectively detoxifies the respiratory system and improves our immune system. Good thing is that it’s 100% herbal and made only with natural ingredients without having any chemicals, flavored syrup, synthetic preservatives, steroids, or alcohol.

Apart from lungs detoxification, Swasani Lungs Detox Formula helps in the following respiratory conditions:

  • Swasani helps in breathlessness like difficulty in breathing or wheezing sound breath
  • If someone having throat and chest congestion
  • It also helps in cough and the common cold
  • Useful in excess sputum with blood
  • Swasani also helps in inflammation or soreness in the throat
  • Swasani Lungs Detox Formula also works in stubborn cough
  • Very beneficial in Chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, and rhinitis
  • Sawasani Lungs Detox Formula is also useful in Tuberculosis
  • Swasani is a very good remedy for Asthma
  • It opens the blocked channels of the respiratory tract and helps to take an easy breath.

An adult person can take 1 Swasani veg capsule twice a day with normal water and Swasani Liquid Tonic 5-10 ml 2-3 times in a day

children below 10 years can take only Swasani Liquid Tonic 5-10 ml two-three times in a day on a regular basis

Note: Our ayurvedic doctor available 24×7 to provide an online  free consultation so we recommend please take advice from an ayurvedic doctor before using any ayurvedic product