Vaidyamrit Femi Act Syrup (Ayurvedic Syrup For Menstrual Disorders) (200 ML)

Vaidyamrit Femi Act Syrup (Ayurvedic Syrup For Menstrual Disorders) (200 ML)

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Femiact is an exclusive Ayurvedic medicine for women, formulated keeping in view their needs, which helps to relieve the problems in difficult days like weakness, backache, pain, fatigue etc. It also helps to keep women healthy and active through out of month.


  • Offers rich source of phytoestrogen which structurally and functionally resemble 17B Estradiol and exhibit oestrogen receptor agonist activity.
  • Renormalizes endogenous hormonal levels.
  • Effectively relieves Premenstrual syndrome, controls mood swing, irritability and low backache.
  • Controls profuse or prolonged bleeding.
  • Exerts anti-inflammatory, analgesic and stringent effects-relieves endometritis, tones up bulky uterus.
  • Convenient dosage ensure better patient compliance.
  • Safe and economical for long term use.

  • 2 to 3 teaspoonful, twice a day with equal quantity of water.
Ashok chhal, Mannukka, Dhaiphool, Amla, Badi elachi, Baheda, Daruhaldi, Harad, Kamalphool, Khareti panchang, Lavang, Nagkeshar, Rasauth, Shuddha bhilava, Lodhar chhal, Ayapan, Aam giri (mango seed), Anantmool, Baelgiri, Dalchini, Gudhal ke phool, Jeera safed, Khadirkashta, Khus, Nagarmotha, Patangkashta, Saunth, Vasamool, Flavoured syrup base, Permitted Excipients & Preservaities