Globus Remedies Giloy Amla Wheat Grass Juice

Globus Remedies Giloy Amla Wheat Grass Juice

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It is useful in fever conditions and Immune-deficiencies like Dengue fever and Swine flu.Boosts Immunity, acts as a rejuvenating agent.It is extremely rich in proteins, antioxidant, vitamins & minerals that improve health and fight dangerous diseases. It is anti-arthritic, anti-pyretic, digestive, anti-inflammatory, and excellentBlood purifier and improves memory power.It is an important blood builder and slows down the aging process.Amla makes Skin Youthful, Provides Natural Glow to Skin, Removes Dead cells and wrinkles. It also keeps hair healthy, prevents from premature graying and promotes hair growth.

15-30 ml twice a day with glass of water

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