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AAY Herbal No Stain-H  Pack Of 2

AAY Herbal No Stain-H Pack Of 2

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AAY Herbal

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"Works On: Herbal, flouride-free Toothpowder that removes teeth dental stains (due to Flouride or some other cause), makes them strong, white & last longer, and cures gum disorders (like gingivitis - bleeding or swelled gums)

Description: Continued use of pan, gutka, tea and other products can leave stains on teeth. Poor oral hygine can also lead to bad breath, calcium deposits on or between teeth, and various gum disorders like gingivitis

AAY Herbal's, No-Stain H is a Herbal Toothpowder that has been extremely effective in removal of dental stains in addition to maintaining teeth health. This toothpowder improves enamel and dentine, preventes deformities in tooth, removes calcium deposites, and increases tooth life by preventing premature breakage. Based on AAY Herbal's method of backing Ayurvedic formulations with scientific research and allopathic validations for best results, this product is uniquely prepared, extremly effective and unlike other products available world-over.


- Removes dental stains like Fluoride stains, Pan, Gutka, Tea and other extrinsic stains without injuring dentin or enamel

- Improves brightness and luster of teeth

- Removes bad smell almost immediately after consumption

- Effective in curing gingivitis (gum swelling, bleeding gums) and other gum disorders 

- Flouride free toothpaste, which is important given the overwhelming problem of flourisis in India

- No side-effects, natural product


- The product is in form of tasteless, finely granulated powder 

- Should be used twice a day (morning & evening) using finger or a soft brush

- Visible effects can be seen on daily application

Safety Standards:

- Product has been tested as per WHO standards 

- Tested by the dentists from SMS Medical College on tooth model as well as, in double blind control study

- Extensive Human clinical trials were conduted with no case reporting any adverse effects

- Data to substantiate the claim is available for review

- Safety data for the product is also available for review

- Micro testing and Heavy metal testing data is available as quality assurance documents"

1. Twice a day with Finger or soft brush

2. 1 – 1 ½ Tea spoon full with water in morning and evening

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