Mirah Belle Naturals Pigmented Lips Balm

Mirah Belle Naturals Pigmented Lips Balm

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"Pigmented Lip Balm to give you spotless lips!

Spots are something we all dread! Be it on the face, on our bodies, or more specifically on our lips, we all want to save ourselves from ugly spots. However, skin pigmentation is for real! The good news is that we can treat it!

Talking about pigmented lips, you do not have to worry anymore. Our company produces 100% natural lip balms that are an answer to all your lips' troubles! We use completely organic ingredients in making all our cosmetics, which have zero side effects.

Type : Dark & Discoloured Lips"

"• Wash your hands

• Uncap the container

• Take out a small amount of balm by using your finger

• Apply the balm to your lips

• Draw in your lips to spread excess balm