Vadira Whitening Moisturizer

Vadira Whitening Moisturizer

Price : ₹290 /100 ml

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Natural Ayurvedic moisturizers can work wonders on the skin because they alleviate drying vata tendencies and enhance the skin’s suppleness and elasticity without polluting the body with chemicals.

With natural vitamins and minerals as active ingredients, VADIRA WHITENING Moisturizer not only hydrates the skin but also enhances your skin complexion successfully.

Having ingredient such as chandan, Manjistha, Bihidana seeds, mulethi & Kesar resulting in visibly soft, fresh, & luminous skin.

  • Even skin tone
  • Great nourishing & moisturizing properties
  • Ulta soothing skin
  • Maintain a healthy skin tone & texture
  • Lightens skin tone and enhances complexions

Vadira whitening moisturizer also has a mild soothing fragrance that keeps you refreshed for long.

Apply liberally all over the body & face, ideally after a shower or bath.

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